Savvy: sav-vy, n. Shrewdness and practical knowledge, adj. well informed, vti. to understand something, especially what somebody has said.  Synonyms: know-how, confidence, sense,savoir-faire, knowledge, ability.

 Twenty-first Century women are closer than ever to “having it all.”  We’ve come a long way baby from the corsets, girdles, beehives and typewriters of previous generations.  And while it’s true women have always had savvy and been savvy, today we can show it off and share it with the world. 

 So who are the women of HerSavvy?  We are doctors, lawyers, writers, business owners, engineers, bankers, performers, artists, mothers, daughters, sisters, wives and friends.  We challenge each other, inspire each other, support each other.  We live our lives with savvy and invite you to be a part of our savvy world! 

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  1. Chris

    Hi! I have a quick question about your blog. Could you please email me when you get a free moment? Thanks!


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